Mother's Day Hand and Footprint Flower Craft

Parents love getting their child’s handprints as a keepsake. If your kids are preschool-aged up to age 8, this is the perfect craft. This simple Mother's Day project is easy to make and is a great sentimental gift for moms.


Photo by All Kids Network.

• Construction paper in various colors
• Pencil
• Glue
• Scissors
• Paper cup
• Picture of the child’s face
• Markers

First, trace the child's footprints on green construction paper. Create the stem by drawing an 8-inch rectangle on green paper. Help children cut out the footprints and the stem (or cut them out for the child). Next trace 8-10 of the child’s handprints on two different colors of construction paper.

Place the cup on the yellow paper and trace a circle. Trim the child’s picture so that it is smaller than the yellow circle and then help him glue the photo to the yellow circle.

Help the children create leaves by gluing the footprints to the bottom of the green stem. Next, create the flower petals by gluing the handprints in a circle at the top using handprints in alternating colors. Make sure the handprints are glued securely. Glue the photo in the middle of the handprints to make the flower's center.

Allow to dry completely. Encourage the children to write the year on one of the footprints and then a message to mom on the other footprint.

What are your favorite crafts that you have made with kids for Mother’s Day? Leave us a comment and let us know! 

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